Last Updated: On 1 July, 2020. Welcome to the list!

List of tools that I use and can’t live without. I’ll update the list as I come across something new and tested it for at least 1 week.

Chrome Extensions

I use Chrome, say I stumbled upon an awesome plugin a few months ago but didn’t bookmarked or save elsewhere. I just use my Google activity narrowing via date/time/month and voila its there.

  1. LastPass - It’s amazing, there are times I just want to generate a super-strong password and get rid of the headache of jotting it down to a paper. Its free, 2-factor authentication, and available for android.

  2. OneTab - Just tap it and it will save all your opened tabs. The best part is it automatically presents you with the links, next time you start chrome.

  3. The Great Suspender - Multitasking? I have almost 10+ tabs opened on every chrome session. Most of them I just don’t use for a while. This little sweet extension automatically suspends it after a set interval of time, so no memory usage.